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Ox Addicts Anonymous

Ox Addicts Anonymous
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My name is 905, and I've just become alive ...

Welcome to Nine-Oh-Five, official home of Ox Appreciators Anonymous! In case you can't tell, this is the LJ Community dedicated solely to loving, adoring and talking about the late, great John Entwistle.
I'm sure you're all mature people who know the basics of netiquette, but you're getting rules anyways.

  1. No Flaming. If you have a difference of opinion with anyone, take it elsewhere. Sane, adult conversation and debate is encouraged, flame wars are not. Keep it courteous.

  2. LJ-Cuts are your friends.We all love pictures. Heck, we all want pictures. But no one likes having their friends list distorted six ways from Sunday. If you have more than one picture, or that one picture is larger than 400 pixels by 400 pixels, please cut it. If you do not know how to LJ-Cut, that info is here

  3. Give credit where credit is due. If you find a cool fanart or icon and wish to share it, please credit the original artist. Claiming an icon/fanart/whatever as your own when you did not make it is called plagarism, it is the internet version of cheating, and it will not be tolerated. If you don't know who originally made it, that's ok, just say so.

  4. No slash or intimations of slash, and sexual references are to be kept 'decent.' What does this mean? It means if you're not willing to say it in front of your mother, grandmother, or other respected adult, you don't say it here. That means no graphic sexual talk (comments on how hot he is, how gorgeous he is, etc., are perfectly fine and in fact desirable, but talk about "packages" and things along those lines are NOT), no speculations on homosexual qualities because there's a pic of him hugging another guy (like Keith, for instance), and no comments involving the word "rape." First time gets you a warning, second time you get the ol' hoof in the behind. If you think that's unfair, tough. There is plenty of room on the internet for directions such as that, but this is not the place. If you're a slash fan who simply cannot leave those proclivities out of this community, we suggest you go elsewhere. Period.

  5. No Spam Posts. SPAM posts are exactly what SPAM stands for - Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. All posts must have something to do with John Entwistle. Introductory posts are not necessary. As a matter of fact, they are considered somewhat unwelcome by both maintainers. So please save us the trouble and let us get to know you through your posts, m'kay? Saying that you are new is permissable, so long as you have a post with some content as well as the "I'm new!" line.

And I do believe that covers all the rules....just post and have fun.

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