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Hello again. Sorry I talk so much. I have another request and this is sort of a big one. I'm planning to do a "fanvid" of John (for fun) but I lack the video capturing skills. So I was hoping you all would share any good John clips you have. I promise to credit everyone and I'll post the end result on here as soon as it's done. :)

I hope you can help! Thanks in advance.

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some wine and say "what's going on?"

First of all, I deeply apologize for being a dingbat and not realizing that this place existed. Now that I know this community exists, I was wondering if I could list it as an affiliate on johnentwistle? That way, we can join in a Super Ox Union of Information.

Also, I come with a request. I was just looking a few posts down and I saw that someone had a clip of John kissing his wife. And I went O_O "I NEED NOW!!" But the link is dead. So could someone please reupload it for me? Pretty please? I'll be your slave!

Thanks in advance and, again, sorry I'm so blind. >.<

♥, Sara
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The West Wing - typo


This is far too happy to be put behind a cut, so deal:
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The movie MUST be coming along if they have a poster and release dates, right!?!



MAY 1st!

(limited release, of course)

But it's totally happening.

And it's gonna rock my face off.

If you haven't seen the little preview thing yet, download it at XD

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Alright, for all those of you who have John albums: What, in your opinion, delivers the most/best music for your money? I'm forcing myself to ration my money, and thus I can't go out and by every single John album from the get-go. So. recommendations?
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Lifehouse Chronicles

I just received Pete Townshend's Lifehouse Chronicles as a gift, and I must say, it's fantastic. Order it from the UK, pay the shipping - it's worth it. The John-related comment about it is that, listening to these songs, many of which are demos with Pete playing all the the instruments, makes you appreciate how much Keith, Roger and John shaped the songs. John's bass really makes such a major difference in about every track - so though the songs might be Pete's songs, it's clear and obvious why Pete really needed The Who to get his ideas across with the power that they did.
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Hollywood Ox

I assume at this point the announcement that Mike Myers will be playing Keith Moon in a biopic is well known. The question that arose in my head was - who will be playing the other members of the band? Moon never made it to the point of having a true solo career, so the timeframe of the film has to be during The Who's heyday. I've not heard any announcements about other band members being cast, so I thought I'd throw out the question:

Do you have any ideas on who could play the other members of the band?
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John Entwistle Macabre (made by me)


Hey everyone! I've been a member here for a while, and I agree with all of you that John's one helluva amazing musician and person. So amazing, that I'm actually going to BE him for Halloween. I'm pretty proud of the costume I made, and I thought I'd share it with you guys (and gals) cause you'd probably appreciate it :)

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